Controversial Topics

This blog was inspired by my son-in law, Jon Reading, as well as others in my family who like to express their point of view about a topic. I realized that others think, feel and see many news articles and people very different from myself. I decided that it is very important to hear others views on important topics, and think through others thoughts and ideas before being so certain I am right. I realized that what I thought was very clear to me was not at all what others thought. A good example is the Capitol break in that was clearly insurrection in my mind , but others * viewed it as an expression to law makers that our government is elected by the people. My view was that the Capitol was broken into, that it was not a peaceful protest, and was different than Black Lives Matter Protest that destroyed statues etc. I was very adamant that the Capitol is our government elected by The People -all The People and not just Trump supporters. I listened to a lot of push back on my view. I heard that it was not an insurrection, that the military did not intervene as it is not lawful in US for the acting military to rise up against The People. I heard that Trump did nothing at all to inspire people to enter the Capitol. My response was that Mr. Trump did incite the Proud Boys and others in the debate,

and also in his speech before they went t3o the Capitol. I think from Mr. Trumps actions that he did not want to relinquish being President. He continued to fight the election results. My view on the election results were that the results were troubling in a few st363ates, and that stand6ardization of voting in all states is needed. For too long I have heard that dead people vote etc. I think Biden did win the election, but only the way Trump did in 2016. He beat the Republicans at their game, as Trump beat the Democrats at their game in 2016. And then BLM that want to rewrite American History, and want reparations. In my view, the Capitol Insurrection was just that. Trump wanted to remain in power. BLM is protest went too far also but these are different separate protest. * What about your view of this? I would like to hear it . 3

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